Cross-over Blues. A Blues, Rock, Hiphop, Funk, Groove smoothie!

‘Creating interesting soundscapes and music seems to be second nature for the band and production unit Wood. Hailing from the Netherlands, these Dutch musicians are adept at smoothing the lines between genres and cultures; they blend rock, hip-hop, and subtle dissonance flawlessly.Certainly unafraid of experimentation, instruments as conventional as the guitar and as different as the didgeridoo figure prominently in their mixes. We are especially enthralled by the satirical songs “Reputed Dealers”, with its funky didgeridoo ending and “Damn Shame”, an alt rock/ trip-hop combination.’
Wouter Loderichs Vocals/elec. guitar/Weissenborn/percussion,
Elroy Hasselt bass/vocals/percussion
Henri van den Broek Resonator/elec. guitar/percussion
Marco Onstenk drums, percussion, keys, marimbaGuest appearence MT-Yidaki on didge